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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Cleaning up a small part of Australia Day

Clean-Up Australia (CUA) and QPRC appear to have combined to block cleaning up rural areas.  I was thus very annoyed to receive, on about March 1, an email from CUA saying
Clean Up Australia Day 2018 is this Sunday 4 March and we wanted to ask you to join us to make a difference this weekend!
It's easy, fun, fast and free to get involved! Simply head to www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/join and search by postcode or suburb to sign up to a site near you. 
After a range of other irrelevant and misleading comments it concluded with:
If you can't get involved this year, please consider making a donation to Clean Up Australia. [I have removed the link as I don't want people donating to this mob of bums.]
My reply was:
"I find this deeply offensive.  Your organisation has refused to support our site because of stupid concerns about OHAS.  And now you send me this message.  Get your (expletive deleted) act together.
Then this burble from QPRC appeared on their Facebook page on probably March 2.
Clean Up Australia Day is on this Sunday 4 March. Volunteers and communities all around Australia will clean up their local community recreational areas. Thanks to the Queanbeyan Girl Guides, Jerrabomberra Scouts, 1st Tinderry Scouts, Queanbeyan McDonalds, Googong Community/Horizon Girl Guides, and Queanbeyan Landcare for cleaning up a site. Council is also hosting a clean-up site at Queen Elizabeth II Park. If you'd like to join in, visit https://cleanupaustraliaday.org.au to find a site near you.
All this stupidity seems to have come about through anal retentive lawyers in both CUA and QPRC having concerns about OHAS issues - even though the Council has advised me that there have not been any incidents reported to them as a result of past clean-ups.  As always, the bard got it right in Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.

I have previously commented to a staff member of the Council:
You should be aware that there is an awful lot of bad feeling in the community as a result of this decision.  Possibly it proves the concern - which until now I didn't share - before the merger that the outcome of that will be the rural areas getting ignored. 
Concluding this tale of woe I had also asked the council what they were going to do if the volunteers aren't allowed to do a clean up.  The answer was "Council routinely conducts litter collection runs along major rural roads...".  However when I asked when they last did our road the answer was  ""No set schedule for patrols, just as required and when staffing numbers allow. Hoping to get someone out that way soon."  Can anyone spot the difference in those two statements?

 Whatever.  As I have been assured by QPRC that any garbage I pick up can be dumped at the Waste Transfer Station (that is how stupid lawyers spell "tip") free of charge I decided to do my usual stretch of Captains Flat Road on the day.

The day dawned brightly as we did our dog walk.
 Frances started early, picking up a chocolate milk bottle on the way home.
In the garage I found a bag supplied last year by CUA.. In this shot it is full of hot air, which I find quite appropriate!
Getting down to Captains Flat Rd this photo shows the bottom half of the site (and a picturesque view across the Plain).
The most surprising bit of junk of the day was this wrecked car.  It's surprising because I have cleaned up here for the last 11 years and only just noticed it!  It hasn't arrived in the last 12 months!
I think I picked up a little less crud than usual (probably 1.5 sacks each of recyclables and garbage) this year.  I attribute that mainly to there being less at the two spots where people gather on the way to ride motorbikes (or go pigging) in Tallaganda.

In what is probably bad news for marketers there didn't seem to be much brand loyalty around from this year's tossers.  KFC were marginally in front in the food packaging and Coke in the beverages; Less Red Bull and Monster - hopefully they are both going down the gurgler.

The other difference I noticed was about a dozen fag packets: usually there are only one or two.; That problem is self-solving, cough, cough cough gasp.

Thanks for the spiffy bags Michaela!
 No problems with free dumping at the tip (ooops, sorry Waste Transfer Station) although it appears the Council made the job easy for their staff by removing all fees today, not just for clean ups.  Back home along Briars Sharrow Rd where I was afraid to check the amount of garbage under the splendid hawthorns.

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