Some things with red on them

William Blakes poem begins: 
Tyger Tygerburning bright,. 
In the forests of the night;. 
What immortal hand or eye,. 
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
He seems to have a spelling issue and the rhyme between lines 3 and 4 is a tad ordinary.  Also, this post doesn't feature a Tiger but another species of snake.  So here is my version:
Black snake, Black snake, bellied red
Comes out of a flower bed
.Mice and frogs have all been eaten,
So wriggle off reptile, with no feet on.
The word doggerel springs to mind.

I estimate it was around 1.5m long and it was looking at its girth made me think of line 3.  As Grand-daughter was present I wasn't allowed to go and get a close-up!

More redness occurred towards sunset.  These snaps are looking towards Taliesin.  Basically I stood still and zoomed in.


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