Art not Apart

We went back in to Canberra in the afternoon.  Rather than battle with Constitution Avenue we went along Limestone Ave and then weaved our way through Ainslie and Braddon.  Of course we then had the delights of the Light Rail project down Northbourne Avenue.  From my looking over the barriers it seemed that the main reason for blocking off a lane in each direction seems to be to allow the workers to dump stuff on the road, rather than applying a bit of thought and using the grassed area .

Whatever: we got to the New Acton area, where it all seemed to be happening.  This was the first of the market areas in a lane leading off Marcus Clarke St.

In a small open space at the end of the lane tripods had been set up up with ketchup jars full of paint so the youngsters were able to express their inner Pollock!
Within the Nishi gallery a number of artists had set up their works.  This peepshow intrigued me.
When you peered through the camera lens there was a miniature display, which seemed as though you were looking at the image inside the camera.  Very clever.
Back out in the laneway folk were posing in fairy costumes.
The person in the white dress was obviously male by birth, judging by his beard.  No idea where he fits, on which spectrum, now.  But they were having fun themselves and amusing the punters.
I don't this this small person was part of any display.  Just an innocent bystander.
The boards and corrugated iron were part of the kit for Tap Kix who did a good tap dance routine for about 15 minutes.

We moved on the Nishi building where folk were sitting on the stairs under a rather odd installation.
Despite what you might think, the show is not yet over.
In a bar within the building an artist - Jodie Cunningham I think is on the card - had some interesting ceramics -
- while another, whose name I didn't register, had some fabric persons and shapes stuck on the outside of the building.
The main reason we had gone in was that Frances had come across a young artist - Dan Power - at M16 Artspace.  He was showing here with two large works of Great Birds of Paradise.  This is the male.
Nearby Amy Campbell was also doing a large work.
More markets along Edinburgh Avenue.
I describe these glistening items as woolen Xanthorrheas - they caught the sun very nicely.
More street performers.
Of course because it went over Edinburgh Avenue a traffic management plan was needed.  The most hazardous thing was the tape between the fallen bollards!
All in all this was a very good show.  The force behind it seems to be Dionysus who deserve a large brownie point!


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