Reclaiming the Stakes

Having had a medical interlude I decided that I now in condition where I should get back to the BBQ Stakes so took myself to the appointed spot.  It wasn't hard to find a trolley: just difficult to find one that wasn't attached to a few mates.
 On the subject of mates, at 11:58, all my friends were present.
 A few others began to turn up at 11:59 including a mysterious trolley pushing person.
 That turned out to be Roger, who had found a pair of trolleys that were at least pushable in their united position.
I left my $1 with Roger  and set off at noon, wondering if I could walk 6 km in 60 minutes.  A speed merchant went past me at about 2km (21 minutes).  Another person, who might have set off a bit closer to their handicap time, came past at the half way mark and is shown here gaining on Rad, who took the gentleman's route at the top of the hill.
On the Stakes Facebook page the guy in the blue cap admitted that he took a wrong turn at the substation and did an extra 1km!  The masses started to come past me in the last km and I finished in about 61 minutes which wasn't too shabby in the circumstances.

As the authorities have mentioned the incoming Ruby anniversary a few times recently I thought I'd finish with a snap of the plaque for the Emerald event.
I suspect that getting another plaque affixed to the wall will require several rounds of discussion with the ACT Government including stress testing the underpass.  Or someone brings a drill along and we just bolt one up.

For interest here
is a Google Earth snip of the route.  My total distance was actually 27m short of 6km, but the line did straighten a few things out which are not quite possible on the ground.


Ricky said…
Thats me in the blue cap. Having a senior's moment, I ended up taking a wrong turn at the electricity substation and ran 7ks instead the standard 6.

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