Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Birdbath activity

It has been hot and dry recently so we have been keeping up the supply of water to our bird baths.  They do get used quite a lot and just as the birds travel in mixed feeding flocks in Winter, in Summer they seem to travel in Mixed Bathing flocks.  One such arrived at the bath today: the chaos had calmed down a bit by the time I got my camera.

A Yellow-faced Honeyeater.
 Ibid, with an accompanying Silvereye.
 As usual this was not that obvious which species it was but I decided Brown Thornbill.
When I first glanced at this bird I became excited about the amount of rufous feathers.  But then I calmed down and realised it was a very young Grey Fantail.
If it had been a Rufous Fantail this view would have shown the black on the upper breast and brown tail (with a very bright rufous base to the tail).
 This Superb Fairywren didn't make it to the bath, butyou can't have too many images of this gorgeous species.

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