A birding trip along Hoskinstown Rd

I decided to do a trip along the road behind Foxlow Station today as there are often some interesting birds along there.  (In times past that stretch has been the only site in the local area where we have seen Brown Treecreepers and Hooded Robins.  Alas, neither species for some years.)

I began by driving down Captains Flat Rd past Foxlow Homestead and turning in to Hoskinstown Rd.  The obvious birds here were Little Ravens with 28 birds in a loose flock.  Some of them hung out with sheep on a rocky knoll.
Heading on a little Australasian Reed Warblers were calling from the reeds in the Molonglo under the railway bridge.  I wonder how the rail trail planning is going?
Here is a look back at the road bridge.  I always feel dubious about this as the structure is so dodgy that the RFS can't take their trucks across it.  The Council did a Survey of residents about upgrading this but the results are not yet around.
 Moving along the road I checked out several of the eucalypt remnants.  These are the areas in which the treecreeper and robin were located.  Not today, but I did see a Brown Falcon (Bird of the day)  chased off by a pair of Willie Wagtails.
I was intrigued by this large flock of sheep gathered around a dam.  Had they been drinking I would not have been surprised but they just stood there looking at the water.  But no-one has ever accused sheep of being over-intelligent.
Finally I looked down into the Lagoon.  As it is 500 off the road and the heat haze was quite evident it was hard to identify with precision many of the birds.  I did spot one Pink-eared Duck (unusual in the area and a Black Swan and it looked as though bot small grebes were present.
Overall I recorded 27 species which wasn't too bad.


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