Saturday, 15 July 2017

Some Winter images

This time last year we were in Atherton, experiencing maximum temperatures around 28oC.  This year it feels, some days, as though the number is similar but the letter has shifted 3 places down the alphabet.  Today was not flash.

The morning started off quite warm (0oC) but quite damp after some miserable drizzle.  This did give some interesting cloud FX on the dog walk.  Looking down on the Plain ...
 .. and back towards Taliesin.
 Later in the morning I took myself off to the Plain to see if I could discover some interesting birds.  Not really, was going to be the answer until coming back along Briars-Sharrow Rd I came across a flock of 318 (yes, I counted them) Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.  They have been feeding in that paddock for weeks.

 After the count I heard the distinctive calls of Double-barred Finches but couldn't get them into sight.  A heard record is good enough for Bird-of-the-Day!  As I climbed back into my car a male Nankeen Kestrel was busy sorting out its feathers.   Initially I thought it was a chestnut-headed female ...
 .. but once it put its wing down the grey head of a male was revealed.
 After a short flight its plumage was back in order.

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