Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Great Lakes Council do better!

One of our gripes about this area is the predilection of the Shire for banning dogs from everywhere near Forster.  I don't think this is because they are in thrall to the National Sparks and Wildfires Service as some of the banned areas are quite a way from National Parks.  Today we went to Hawks Nest and found a great beach there, where dogs are allowed on leash pretty much all the time. So well done Council.

I am sure my regular reader is shocked at me approving of something done by any Local Government body, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

The day began as usual with a walk along Topi Rd. The first posing bird was a Fan-tailed Cuckoo.
 That was followed by an adult Pied Butcherbird, behaving much better than yesterday's specimen.
 I notice the dirty tip to its beak and was then attracted to the talons.
I really wouldn't want them anywhere near any part of my body!

Our outing today was to drive to Buladelah and then in to Myall Lakes National Park - on a public road and not stopping, so legal and on to Hawks Nest.  The ferry was in operation (unlike one previous visit) and the operator did check that we were aware of the canophobia situation.  While waiting for the Ferry we noticed a pair of Musk Duck, which are a nice addition to the trip list (currently at 67 species).

As we rumbled down the road we were keeping an eye out for Regent Bowerbirds.  We didn't see any but just as we got almost to the end of the park a flock of Dusky Woodswallows caught my eye and then a Spangled Drongo flew into view and became bird of the day!

As we got into the town of Hawks Nest it was close to lunchtime and the burg produced a Bakehouse which was very active in the matter of pies. I opted for a Steak and Kidney and they did very well.  On consulting the official pie-tasting rules they rated at least 8.5 (possibly the crust was a tad weak and there was a bit of mince -that 'n' is important and I hope its earlier omission hasn't caused any public health alerts - as well as steak) so well done those people.

The beach at the end of the main street appeared canophobic but we went to check out Yaccaba Spit for a walk.  The beaches on both sides of the Spit are on leash areas which was fine by us.  Quite few of the other mutts were off leash but all appeared to be controlled and certainly gave neither Tammy nor us any grief.

This is looking back towards the town.  In case any people from the Northern hemisphere are wondering how long the beach is, I measured this stretch on Google Earth as 15km.  It then seemed to continue for a few more kms!  The bit we walked - about 2.5km long - had at most 20 people on it.
 This is an island and Yaccabba Head on the North side of the entrance to Port Stephens.
 We then crossed the Spit and here is the mouth of Port Stephens.
 It was getting a tad warm.  When we staggered back to the car it was 25oC!  We, all three of us - enjoyed draining a water bottle or two.

A steady drive back to the house, pausing on Topi Rd to let this entity and their friend get out of the way.  I think its a Red-necked Wallaby, but it looks a bit different to the members of that species around Carwoola.  Alternative IDs welcome.

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