Monday, 3 July 2017

June Weather Report

Dry.  If you need more than that, read on.

Here is the Gazette format summary, with slight changes to the rainfall.  Note that this was the driest June since recording here began in 1984


I normally start with a heading of rain, but we didn't have any.  The 1.6mm shown above came through 8 mornings in which my weather station condensed 0.2mm of fog.  In both the next two charts the value for June 2017 is so small as to be almost invisible.

Another way of looking at the depressing state of  hydration is to compare the "year to date" totals after each month of 2017.
Thus far in 2017 we are up to 51.3% of average - a lower percentage than at the end of March.


 A cool month (as might be expected for the first month of official Winter.

 Looking at the long term maximum temperatures we were a bit above average and last year.
 The average minimum temperature was a tad above 0oC whereas the long term "average average" is slightly blow that value.
 It is interesting to look at the average minimum temperature for the month over the period for which we have records.  (Note that minimum temperatures are very dependent on elevation of sites: a hilltop in Cox Place records higher temperatures than our house and the Plain is much colder.)
I have played with trend lines on this chart and none of the options appear statistically significant and the direction varies quite a bit according to the type of trend chosen.

It was a bit frostier than average, as would be expected with effectively dry weather.  Air frost is a minimum below  0oC ...
 .. while a ground frost is below  2oC.


A mid-range month.  None of my 3pm readings were below 40% rH and none above 80%
 As might be expected this is well below the average value for the month and the value for the very soggy June last year.


Subject to my usual caveats about the poor siting of my weather station for measuring wind, the month was quite low for breeze.  This is to be expected with a big fat high-pressure system sitting over the country! 

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