Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Rebuilding begins

After a lot of visits by builders and contractors our fences and sheds claim was signed off by NRMA Insurance  earlier this month.  It took a bit longer than we'd thought, but they did have a bunch of claims in the area so I'm not complaining.

There are approximately 5 main stages to the work:

  1. Repairs to the woodwork on the deck and consequent painting;
  2. Fencing;
  3. Demolition of burnt sheds;
  4. Replacement of sheds;
  5. Replacement of fire-damaged main water tank.
Today saw the start of part 1.  This will be really good to get done as we have not been able to use one route off the deck since the fire (and, as always once you are blocked from doing something you realise just how often you did it).

The first two photos are before work started.  The unpainted wood is a make-safe done by some tradesmen very soon after the fires to replace a purling which had burnt out at the base.

Here are the guys from ACT Trade Services going at it. Giovanni on the ground and Roberto on the deck!
They certainly got stuck right into the work (and were very pleasant guys).  Here is what they achieved on the first day at the West end of the house ...
 ... and the East End (or sunroom end).  It wasn't interesting beforehand so I didn't photograph it at that stage.
After somewhat over a day and a half they'd done the business and were off to do good deeds elsewhere!  Here is the excellent result of their efforts.

 Here is half of the remains now added to a central pile of crud for the demolition dudes to clear up.


Mary Chamie said...

Glad to see things getting back to normal, Martin.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Mary. I have added some photos of the excellent results of their efforts.