Saturday, 21 January 2017

More birdbath

The red birdbath outside the kitchen window has been getting a lot of action recently.  So here are some more photos,

This may be the Yellow-faced Honeyeater that is nest in a rose bush off our deck (about 10m from the bath).
 A Silvereye.  For some reason this species (possibly always the same bird) clings to the perch-twig and stretches down to drink from there.  Others always go down to the rim of the bath.
A couple of shots of an assembly of Silvereyes and Grey Fantails.

 An adult Grey Fantail about to take a drink.
 This bird got me going a bit as it was very brown.  However it doesn't have bright rufous on the tail or black markings on the breast so its a juvenile Grey Fantail and not a Rufous Fantail.

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