Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Birdbath photos

As it has been stinky hot the bird bath has been seen a fair bit of action.  Some of the images which follow are pretty naff, but fill a role of populating a list of birds using the bath in January.

New Holland Honeyeaters are unusual at our place, and when they are here mainly hang around another part of the garden snuffling the Red Hot Pokers.  However on 9 January one turned up to share the bath with  a Superb Fairy-wren ...
 .. and subsequently a Brown Thornbill.
 Then it dived in and had a good thrash itself.
 It left enough water for an immature White-browed Scrubwren to also use the facilities.
A couple of days later a Striated Thornbill made a visit.
A Red-browed Finch had a sip.

 This is the best feature of a Grey Shrike-thrush!
 A very soggy Eastern Yellow Robin kept moving after its bath!
Its big-bird time.  A Crimson Rosella!

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