Saturday, 28 January 2017

Barrer Hill

There was recently some debate on the COG Chatline about the appearance of a number of odd structures in part of the Green Hills pine plantation.  It turns out they are part of a PhD research project by a student from the Fenner School at ANU.  The particular aspect going on here is to contrast the reaction of wildlife to nest boxes stuck on (what appear to be) trees and structures more like power poles.

Here is one of the trees:
 The 'tree'is not a former tree that has just died, but one that has been mounted on a concrete base!
Possibly birds will get the hint that all is not natural because they expect to find a few leaves on a tree?  Whatever - if the research gives some evidence that having dead trees around that would be good evidence with which to beat anal-retentive lawyers and engineers over the head.

There is a very well marked walking trail.
I suspect the ACT Government is looking for a sign-making led economic recovery in the Territory Budget.  They always seem to be able to find funding - and I expect it is not cheap - for some very flashy signage when ever they open a new trail.  In this case the trail goes to the end of a spur and just stops.  There is another sign on the opposite side of the Molonglo but the required bridge would be cheap.

Here is one of the poles.  Note that there is no solar panel/WiFi connection on this.
We decided there were 10 edifices in total.  As well as those close to the track there were others down towards the River.  In the image the tree is yellow arrow and the two poles in green.  There are no nest boxws on the structure marked with a red arrow.

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