Sunday, 24 August 2014

Some spring flowers

We have had a small drop of rain (about 17mm so far this month, unlike Robertson) and the temperature seems to be rising.   This has persuaded some of our plants that Spring is in the air and they are responding with flowers, which I show below for your enjoyment.

The first three are Hellebores

 I call this little charmer a snowdrop, but have a suspicion that it isn't the plant so called in the UK!
 Some narcissi.

 A small blue bulb, the name of which escapes me at the (senior's)  moment!
The almond tree is the first of the fruit trees to flower.  It never seems to set fruit (although that may be down to the local parrots rather than the tree).
 Two forms of Correa: both planted rather than naturally occurring.

 The plant with the longest name in the garden: Euphorbia caracias wulfenii - a much pleasanter sound than the vernacular Mediterranean spurge (which sounds like the Greek economy!)

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