Thursday, 21 August 2014

Progress on the NSW Towns project

Our trip west and North added 43 'towns' to the list of those visited.  For those that have already read that post, I have made an amendment as it turns out that Uki was already in the Register, under the name of Tweed Heads South.

Overall we have 671 towns on the target list.  The current situation is that we have visited precisely 200 of these.  Of those numbers 27 are places that we have added by finding a War Memorial in a location for which none had previously been Registered.  I'll come back to them later (I haven't specifically recorded locations where we have added a new Memorial for a town with an entry already on the Register.  My guess is that there are about as many of them as in the totally new category.)

The overall situation is shown in this screengrab from Google Earth.  A pink icon is a site we have added, green is where we have been and yellow is where we have yet to go.
The situation on the North Coast is a bit cluttered (and a bit mixed) so this is to clarify that.
There are obviously plenty of reasons here to revisit the area, which I'm quite happy to do anyway!

Here are the towns we have added, since the start of the project.
(While it appears that one of the towns is in Victoria, that is an artefact of the icon.  Zooming in reveals it to be Corowa, actually - just - in NSW!)

In some cases the unRegistered memorial is:

  • relatively new (eg Moulamein, only dedicated in 2006);
  • not a significant structure and in a small town (eg the small garden in Nerriga); 
  • in a town not much visited by tourists (Walgett is an example).

However a few cases are puzzling as to why they haven't previously been recorded.  The huge memorial in Corowa cannot be missed by anyone driving on either of the major roads through town and I would have thought that with its proximity to the Rutherglen area there would be plenty of tourists in the vicinity.  A second example is Nimbin, which on the weekend is full of tourists - although poibbly some of the unadventurous are put off by the poor state of the road from Murwillumbah.

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