Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Weather Report

While I wandered around NSW (note - that set of posts is a work in progress) my waether station was hard at work recording what happened through the month.  Reports to us while away used words such as "cold", "miserable" and "dreary".


As 3 ANPS walks (out of 4) were cancelled I expected there to have been a fair bit of dampness.  That is probably the correct term, rather than wetness.  We only totaled 19mm: well below average for the month.

While precipitation was records on 18 of 31 days, 12 of those recordings were 0.2mm, which is usually an indication of a heavy fog rather than rain.

Despite this feeble effort Whiskers Creek had a reasonable flow when we returned.


Again, correspondence suggested that, following the rather mild Autumn, the Birth of the Cool might be a good soundtrack for the month.
With 23 frosts, of which 20 were below zero and thus air frosts, it surely wasn't warm.  The days weren't much to write about either, with 16 maxima failing to stagger above 10oC.  Since the lowest temperature recorded was 4.4oC I will stick with cool rather than cold (such as the <-5 div="" recorded="" returned="" since="" twice="" we="">

Using my records since November 2013 shows both the relatively mild Autumn early Winter followed by chilly July and the sudden burst of warmth in the last couple of days of July.
I will endeavour to do 'something' more regular about some longer term reporting in the near future.


As usual I show the reading for 5pm.  To give context I have used the long series.
The rather high readings noted in reporting on June continue for the first half of July after which there seems to be a slight decline in dampness.  Although the latter half of the July had warmer maxima than the early part I cannot find a significant relationship between humidity and temperature.


Note that my anemometer is mounted rather low and thus gives low readings. The maximum daily wind gust suggests July was a pretty windy month.
Certainly the way our car (a full size 4x4) and camper moved around on the way back from Sydney suggested there was fierce winds on the 31st.  

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