Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kellys Swamp gets wet

Early in 2014 Kelly's Swamp was completely dry.  Water slowly returned as it rained, but the growth of vegetation meant that the water - and any birds swimming around in it  - was almost invisible.  The recent rainfall has put enough liquid down the Molonglo that the swamp is now rather full.

This is the view from Bittern Hide
 .. and here is one from Cygnus.  One hopes that the reeds don't erupt as they were doing, or most of this view will disappear.
 A couple of Hardheads showing that the water isn't that deep (or they are standing on a submerged log).
 Water on (and off) a Coots back, as it gives the business to some vegetation.
 First. spot the vegetation under the water ...
 .. then dive for it.   This image might help answer the question what does a Coot's botty look like, as well as displaying the waves created as it dives.
 The adult Swamphens are looking rather lurid, presumably getting ready for an outbreak of breeding ...
 .. while the outcome of last year's breeding still looks a tad dowdy by comparison.
I am surprised, given the size of their feet that Swamphens aren't able to run across lily pads as do Jacanas.  Presumably they are a good bit heavier.

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