Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The iceman cometh to Carwoola

Rather than a tale of drunks in a bar (we don't have a bar in Carwoola) this refers to the temperature getting ready for Winter.  It hasn't quite got to 0C yet but has been below 2C the last three mornings.

This has some impact on our gardening activities.  All of the Fuschias and Bromeliads have migrated from our deck to their Wintering grounds in Frances' potting shed.
I have clean picked most of the remaining vegetables.  My guess is this lot weighed about 10kgs.
 While some of the tomatoes were a bit split and manky they will finish ripening well indoors and cook up into pasta sauce for use through the year: the little ones I eat like lollies.  The trombacini get made into soup or a vegetable slice, both of which are good for Ron (later on).  Chilis are always useful and our plants this year responded well to the heat of January both in abundance and potency.  We got the best crop of capsicums we have ever managed (like chilis they love heat).

We also got a few petit maron pumpkins which will be transformed into soup in due course.

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