Monday, 14 April 2014

Is the moon a red balloon?

Apparently it will be tomorrow night, due a twilight full eclipse as it rises.  For those who need the memories of the 1970's boosted following the allusion in the SMH article. here you go!

We shall see, but tonight I got some quite pleasant images shortly after it rose.

 As it rose the colour of the sky became interesting, as was the bank of clouds on the skyline.

I shall do some business with the red moon on the 15th.  But between 2 moonrises we have a sunrise.
I was looking forward to seeing the red moon.  However as we came back from Queanbeyan in the late afternoon it was getting very cloudy to the East.  About 30 minutes before the moon was due to rise the radar showed a band of cloud between us and the East.
I still kept the faith so drove to spots with a good view to the East.  Not good.

About the time the moon was due to rise the clouds got really red.
I think that counts as "close, but no cigar".   Some ABC correspondents were luckier.   However about an hour later the clouds parted and the moon became a tad visible.  I was by then back home, and the contents of my glass were red, but courtesy of Messrs De Bortoli, not the moon.
I reckon that is an eclipsed, albeit not red, moon.  The sight lasted for less than 5 minutes and then the clouds closed in again.  Such is life.

To really draw a line under this, here is the very non-red moon (plus a few clouds) a few minutes after rising on 16 April.

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