Friday, 11 April 2014

April showers brig forth April fruiting bodies

It is unlikely there will be many "May flowers" in this hemisphere!

Most of the fruiting bodies were fungi.  Some of them I have been able to identify!

This first is an introduced species, Lactarius deiliosus, or Saffron Milk Cap.  Apparently it is edible, but I wasn't tempted.
 No idea of this next one, but it is very common this year.
 Another unknown.
 This is very common, and as shown by the comparison posed dog, quite large.  They might have been aberrant field mushrooms but caution is definitely uppermost in my mind.

 I call this species Oudmansiella radicata, the Rooting Shank.  The cap was particularly viscid.
 This is a Russula, I think from the pink tinge to the stem, R.rosea.
 Gymnopilus junonius, growing at the base of a long dead Eucalyptus meliodora.
 The umbo, or pointy bit in the middle of the cap, tags this as Macrolepiota dalichaula.  Very common in our top paddock.
 These are growing in profusion on the banks of Whiskers Creek, which is also graced with Pinus radiata (gotta keep the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos happy somehow).  The are a bolete, Sullius luteus or Slippery Jack.
These are photographed in their preferred habitat on our kitchen table.  Field mushrooms about to be cooked!  Yumm!
 Other fruiting bodies going gang-busters include Trombacini (a hybrid between Zucchini and Trombonme Pumpkins.
Pink pear tomatoes (together with red capsicum and some lethally hot chilis) and ....
 ... various small tomatoes including Tommy Toes and Yellow pears.

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