Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ANPS goes to Leechville (aka Lowden Forest Park)

So today ANPS went in search of Autumn orchids in Tallaganda State Forest.  We found a few (see below) and also, as expected, a few leeches.  Fortunately for most of the party they (nearly) all ended up with one member!   I think her driver was joking when he said she'd have to travel back on the pack rack.

Here is a leech on the hunt, after being dislodged from its intended prey!
This one is obviously looking for a weak point in the nylon weave.  If the photo is blurry its because I was being pressured to "Finish and knock the rotten thing off."
 A few flowering plants beginning with Helichrysum rutidolepis
 Brachyscome aculeata
 Choretrum pauciflorum
 Daviesia ulicifolia
 Goodenia ovata
Persoonia linearis berries
 Eustrephus latifolius
 Its orchid time!  Those of us on the ACT Orchid mailing list were aware that another member of that list had found three species in the vicinity of Lowden Leech Farm on the previous weekend.  We found one of these at our second stop, off Palarang Rd.  Diplodium coccineum  (I found my hat made a convenient backdrop).
At the Leech Park we found many many leaves including a lot of Acianthus exsertus.  This species was also found flowering in a few spots.

 the most outstanding aspect of todays walk was the profusion of fungi of a wide rage of colours and styles.  I will name those I can (with the aid of Bruce Fuhrer's Field Guide to Australian Fungi) and try to get IDs for the others.

I am reasonably confident this is Cortinarius sp and could be persuaded to say C. archeri.  It was very glutinous to the touch.

 Possibly Amanita xanthocephala (the patches of veil remnant are washed off readily by rain)
 Trametes versicolor
 Ramaria sp.
 Dermocybe austroveneta (?)
 Austropaxillus infundibuliformis: the whole thing ...
 .. and with a section broken out to show orange 'flesh'.
 Calocera sp
 I think this is a very young Amanita muscaria.  It wasn't possible to get a clear look inside to check the gills.
 A very tired A. muscaria
 This is a bolete, but I will go no further.  Its a bit tired.
This was growing on the top of tree stumps. Strobilomyces sp. Topside  ...
 ... and underside
 Possibly Austroboletus sp.
Since I put up the first post Roger Farrow has sent me this excellent image of Boletus barragensis.

The creeks were all running well!
 Dicksonia antarctica.
 The water wheel is a big attraction so I have given it three images!

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