Monday, 16 December 2013

Two birdie isues

The first issue is the continuing influx of unusual birds to Canberra.  In this case it is Purple-crowned Lorikeets, of which a small flock have been found in Cook ACT.  They are in the same flowering eucalypts where Swift Parrots were observed a few years ago.
During the time I was able to spend there they spent most of their time sitting in a large pine tree across the road.   This image does show, if looked at at a larger scale, a purple crown near the red arrow.
Judging by the speed and strength of their flight they were either wild birds or used to a very large aviary.

There were several Superb Parrots in the area, and at least one episode of a parent feeding a chick was observed.  Not that many years ago that would have been a matter for great excitement as this species has only recently become 'normal' in the Territory.
The second issue is some observations of the Tawny Frogmouths.  I realised that while I have now got good records of their daytime roosts I have never watched the transition from daytime to night-time behaviour (mainly because I usually indoors trying to find something tolerable to watch on TV at that time).  I am now remedying that omission.  I will write it up more fully when I have more material but here are some first thoughts, based on their movements from a low Acacia roost.

  • The birds seem very alert to my presence and perform a strange head-rolling action when I approach. 
  • Between 2030 and 2040 they stretch their wings and then move off from the roost.  The fist flight has usually been to the West but only 10m to another perch.  The birds generally go to separate sites.
  • The first night they returned to the roost and then took off more strongly.
  • Another night the adult female took off to the North and wasn't seen again.  The adult male and chick flew to perches on a low fence and then assumed positions on the high veg garden fence.  When the adult swooped on prey and caught it, junior flew over and was fed.

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