Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas beer report

As is often the case approaching festivities I have been to Plonk to get some interesting stuff to drink over the coming days.
  • Greene King IPA Export:  A very sound IPA at 5%.  I could drink a lot of this if my body could stand it!
  • Samuel Smith Pale Ale:  This makes reference to 'Yorkshire Squares' and in line with the educational manifesto of this blog you should follow the link to find out more.  A little more bitter than the Greene King offering but very full bodied and with good complexity.  Recommended! 
  • Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale:  Definitely a Brown Ale, with a full body (5% ABV) much maltier taste than the pale mentioned above.  Why can't the (current) makers of Newcastle Brown work out that this is what the style is supposed to be like?
  • Shepherd Neame Late Red Ale:  When I went to uni in Kent this was the local beer and somewhat looked down upon.  Now the competing Big Brewery beers have all vanished – replaced by bland.
  • Shepherd Neam Brilliant Ale:  somewhat fuller bodied that the preceding sample, and thus rather more to my taste.  Certainly potable, but Samuel Smiths offering wins out.

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Ian Fraser said...

Excellent informed advice as usual Martin; many thanks and a happy peaceful season to you both!