Sunday, 8 December 2013

A ringside seat at the boxing.

I have posted in the past about kangaroos boxing on the hillside visible from my study window. This morning a pair of them went at it on the lawn much closer.  The clicking of my camera from indoors didn't bother them but this means the images which follow do suffer a tad from being taken through a window and from a relatively dark environment.  Also the movements are very quick leading to some blurring.

Most of the images require little commentary.

First we have the invitation to a stoush (a good Australian term, which I prefer to the West Side Story equivalent 'rumble').

 I think in Rugby Union scrumming terms this would follow the Whistling Willie's command to 'touch'.
 Engage!  This next image hints at the common posture of the head being stretched back, presumably to avoid eye gouging.  While it exposes the neck I have never seen biting involved.

 Back to the grapple!

 At this point a small dog, inside the house, spotted what was going on and offered an opinion.  It caught their attention.
While working out if a third player (of a different Order) was going to join you might as well rearrange matters in the groin area.  A good scratch is always helpful.
 Nah.  Lets get back into it.
The eventual outcome was that the smaller 'roo broke away (out of my view) and thus the bout counts as a win for the larger one.  Both of them are way smaller than the alpha male in this mob.


Linda Shields said...

Oh my word--I cant imagine finding kangaroos sparring on my lawn! I get excited at the sight of a cute little possum wadding thru the yard. Butt hen I am in Eureka, Missouri USA. Ha! Thanks so much.

Flabmeister said...

thanks for the comment Linda. I remember when I first emigrated to Australia -42 years ago - I was absolutely ecstatic at the sight of my first wild 'roo. No more, but a sight like yesterday still gives me a large buzz however.

Then again I have lived in various parts of North America for about 4 years and visited on holiday a few times and have never seen one of your possums. So that would really get me going!


Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...


This is wonderful. We roared with laughter. Thank you :)

Would you mind if we linked this post to our video of the same activity on our blog's Facebook page? It would be great for people to see how the fight moves break down.


Flabmeister said...


Of course not, Feel free to use the stuff how you wish. I may have interfered a little with the order in which I took the images, but the overall idea is not too unreal. I suspect in total this went for about 20 minutes!


Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

Thank you!

Judith Gray said...

They are spectacular! I would never tire of watching them spar. I love the pics of them standing upright on their tails with their legs in the air kicking one another - it really shows how powerful they are! Judi

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Judith. The images are still not as good as yours of the Red-necked Wallabies getting stuck in!