Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tulips, Camellias etc

Having given the daffodils around our place a bit of webspace I thought the tulips should get a go.  I will begin with some shots of the mass plantings in a friend's garden.

 We don't have the massed plantings but the next three are close-ups of some blooms in our gardens.

This is a lily which has appeared in our garden for the first time this year.  We have no memory of buying or planting this bulb but it also would be strange for it to suddenly appear after 6 years!  So I presume it must have hitch-hiked on some other things we have acquired and planted!  My friend Alison has suggested this to be a Tritelia, which has shown many of the same characteristics in her garden.  (On looking the genus up on Wikipedia it seems to be a taxonomist's delight with splits and lumps all over the place!)
 We do remember planting bluebells and this is the first year they have flowered.
 Close ups of our camellias.  They are proving attractive to Eastern Spinebills.

 A Native plant!  This is the first Daviesia mimosoides I have seen this season.
 This beetle was lying on the road.  It wasn't well, but was still alive.  It has been identified by my entomologist friend Roger Farrow as Amycterus abnormis which is apparently very common (and also very tough skinned).

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