Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Arabella does Floriade

Surely everyone in the World, if not the known Universe knows that Floriade is the Spring Festival in Canberra?  If not, look and learn.  Arabella, grandchild extraordinaire, took her first wheeled voyage to the discovery of this event today.
Imagine her expression when she sees Skywhale!

Inside the gate we found this bunch of wheelbarrow beds.  Quite imaginative unlike the mass of folk taking snaps!
This is one of the vistas of massed plantings.  Quite pretty but as a result of the policies of the National Capital Authority the site has to be reconstructed each year meaning the plots have to be pretty 'flat' rather than the more interesting approach used in Bowral.
This shows a pro getting up close with the aid of a cherry picker.  When I first saw this lady in operation I assumed she was using a non-invasive approach to weeding.
 These metal flowers were dangling in trees around the rhodedendrons.
There were also lots of old TV bodies strung up there with several cameras in each.  I have no idea what they were about.

The various beds were linked to National Institutions.  This shiny 'roo was attributed to the Mint since it in some way reflected the money made there.  Que?  I initially thought it was a shame it reflected me, rather than the tulips, but then looked at the magic mirror effect on the eucalypts in the background and decided it was pretty nifty.
 Reflection of bulbs was available here!
Not quite Anish Kapoor at the Rockefeller Centre,
but not bad.

Some gnomes.  The mob in the boat had some connection with Canberra Griffins which I thought were marathon runners not rowers.
 A close-up of a very attractive bed!
  Then some old bloke wandered into the scene.
On the subject of males showing interest in herself, this cob Black Swan seemed to fancy tasting her!  Once the snap was taken we moved on swiftly


Mary Chamie said...

I'm trying to imagine anybody's expression when they see Skywhale! What a shock to the system.

So enjoyed seeing the photos of your daughter and grandaughter, especially the one with the "old bloke" in it. You look like a great family team.

Flabmeister said...

Pleased you liked it Mary. There will be more to come on Skywhale as it is visiting the area near the ABS Office in a couple of weeks!