Saturday, 21 September 2013

Spring continues to flower up

This year we have had the most spectacular flowering of Leucopogon fletcheri that I have noticed.  The heathy areas around our block are a mass of white and have been for 2 weeks.  The linked post also celebrates the appearance of the blue not-Caladenia Cyanicula caerulea, and they are also still evident.

Other species are now getting in on the act.

We have found the first specimens of Glossodia major on our block.  They appeared a couple of days earlier in a more open location on the roadside.  I have focused on the column here as it also shows the white waxy lip.
 This is Lissanthe strigosa, Peach Heath.  It always blooms a little later than the other heaths.  It i pleasing that the colony seems to be spreading.
A traditional (ie out of focus) shot of Tetratheca sp.  I have no idea why I have so much difficulty getting decent images of this species.
Possibly lighting is the problem?  This image, taken in shade, seems better.
The first flowers of a member of the family Fabaceae (the Latin dodges the pea/bean controversy, but still raises issues as the genus Faba no longer exists).  This is the unspellable Bossiaea buxifolia.
Also in the 'firsts' department are Yam Daisies (Microseris lanceolata).
Drosera sp.
Moving on from plants a leaf beetle.  It is a member of the Chrysomelinae sub-family, possibly Paropsisterna sp.  It was feeding on Kunzea ericoides.

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J Gray said...

these wildflowers are just beautiful - how lucky you are to have them "show up" at your property.