Sunday, 30 June 2013

"Wrens" get damp

Today turned out to be mixed bathing day in our red birdbath.  None of the birds are any close relative to the Northern Hemisphere Wrens.

The first three shots are of a White-browed scrubwren.  The first shot interested me in showing the "about to dive pose" with what could be anthropomorphised as an expression of great determination.
 A very average snap, but it does show the white brow and the white patch on the wing very clearly.
This fascinates me because of what it appears to show of the position of the bird.  I had always assumed they jumped in and then splashed water up on to their backs.  Unless this one has remarkable cervical articulation it is lying flat on its back!
Finally a post bath zoom on a Superb Fairy-wren. Iinclude this one because it gives a good look at the red around the eyes.

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