Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A short-lived flood here

The rain in this area (by which I mean within 20km of our house) has not been any where near as bad as reported by Denis from Robertson.  It was raining when we drove from Mallacoota but basically a quite gentle fall.  However shortly after we got back Denis enquired what was going on at Captains Flat as the radar based near there was showing a huge spinning yellow mass (ie very heavy rain).

The next morning there was a band of rain going diagonally across the Tablelands but keeping about 15km East of us.  As a result of this I wasn't surprised to find, when I went out to take Tammy to the vet (annual shots, no drama) that Briars Sharrow Rd was cut by the Molonglo (which has its source upstream from The Flat.  I tried to take a photo on my phone but the light was too poor.

So today I went back .  The road was open but the water was not far below the crossing:
When the water was over the crossing on Tuesday these trees were in the middle of the road!   Well done Palerang Shire for cleaning them up.
Elsewhere in the general area things are a tad diabolical.  The Kings Hwy has been shut 3 days a week for some time to allow an area prone to landslides to be stabilised.  I think that finished last week.  Whatever: there was a slide in that vicinity yesterday so the road is now closed for 36 hours to clean that up.
In the past the diversion has been by Nerriga and Braidwood, adding about 2 hours to the trip from Canberra to Batemans Bay.  As the options now are to go via

  • Picton Rd (because Nerriga Rd is flooded and Macquarie Pass dodgy) which adds about 300 km and at least 3.5 hours or 
  • Cooma and Bega (praying that Brown Mountain stays open) which adds about 200 km and 2.5 hours.

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