Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Protecting the better driveway

I recently posted about the work undertaken to improve our driveway.  That has definitely been a major improvement although, being in "glass half empty" mode, it hasn't been tested by a big thunderstorm.  To try to protect it against that we are putting in some earthworks above the garden to divert the water around the garden block.  That work started yesterday.

The first shot shows Jordan making with a mini-backhoe.  The precision with which he can use this machine is astonishing!
A different part of the project:
 Here is the "first draft" of his work.  Note the great big rocks he was digging up!
This is the final smooth manuscript:
Of course the crucial test is how the drains function during rain.

As obvious in those images they worked very very well.  When we returned from our Mallacoota trip it was obvious that a good serve of rain had fallen but there was about 1/4 the previous volume coming down the drive.  The existing drain handled the little that did get through.

The final comment is that after the main drive had been installed our neighbours got a lot of work done by Summitt involving large trucks delivering gravel.  The drive stood up to this brilliantly.

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