Saturday, 23 February 2013

Small dog meets her neice

So Arabella was loaded into the parent-mobile and bought out for a trip in the country.  The small dog was very surprised to find a different person being carried around.
Perhaps Tammie was intrigued by the new person still weighing a bit less than her.  (Arabella is doing her best to catch up, but the small dog is doing well on the tooth these days and is around 3.5kgs.)

It is a pity we didn't do video of this.  We could have called it "Worst example of wriggling by a dog"!  I was delegated to manage the situation and by employing her blanket as a form of straitjacket this was achieved.
Memo to self: the beard does need a trim.
Here follow a couple of more traditional gooey pictures of a grandchild.  I think it is merely coincidence that she seems to be looking intently in the direction of the dog and scratching her head in puzzlement.
With the next one, I am not sure what the clenched fist salute means.  She differs from John Carlos in a couple of major ways (and I make no comments about her style in the 400m).   Perhaps she is channelling Supergirl?

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