Thursday, 28 February 2013

A weather event unfolds?

When chatting on Wednesday with a friend about arrangements for a run on Friday he commented that the weather looked OK then but it was going to be a bit ordinary on Thursday.  Later on the Wednesday the TV weather showed a very nifty band of cloud heading right across Australia

from Cyclone Rusty
On Thursday morning I looked at the BoM forecast for this area on Thursday.
Yep 50 - 100mm of rain is very ordinary!  The radar image ...
... suggests that 50mm is certainly possible, especially as the blue band wasn't moving quickly.

We had finished our dog walk by 8am and picked the ripe tomatoes by 8:30 when the sprinkles started.  By 11:15 I had recorded 9mm of rain.  The radar image at that time suggested the Weather Gods had winged us ...
.. but Robertson was going to get a top up!  I heard from Denis a little later in the day saying that it is Robbo Show this weekend and as might be expected it is pissing down!

By 1630 the front appears to have passed us by ...
... having dropped a rather welcome 15mm.  I am always impressed with weather patterns that provide such linear images.

So we dodged a bullet!

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