Monday, 11 February 2013

More on garbage Collection

Following exchanges with Councillors the cost of the scheme proposed by the Council has been clarified.  I have circulated an email to the Landcare Group and this is a back-up in case others are following my blog.

In my original letter I was going on memory in my comments about the cost of the proposed service.  I have now gathered the facts,  stimulated by a comment from Councillor Marshall, and find that if the proposal was accepted what we would be looking at is as follows:
  • Recycling $86
  • General Waste Management $305 (not mentioned in the letter from Council) and 
  • Garbage collection $170 (256-86) or $212 (298-86) depending upon the option chosen.
So in total, if the Waste collection proposal was accepted the bill would for Waste Management Services would be a minimum of 86+305+170= $561!  The element open for debate is the additional $170 for a service that our household at least doesn't need.  
The General Waste Management component can be described as "the cost of building new waste management infrastructure, rehabilitation of existing landfill site, and other general waste management functions (roadside clean-up etc.)" and is nothing to do with this proposal.
A Palerang ratepayer from outside the area has commented that the commercial services available from Sullivan's are considerably more flexible than those proposed by the Council and suggests that residents who need a Waste Collection Service should contact the provider for a quote (if they don't already use them).
The crucial thing is to make sure the Council knows your views!  Mine are fairly clear!

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Flabmeister said...

The survey has now been completed with a very good 60% response rate and 60% of responses being opposed to the proposal. Thus it is D_E_A_D!