Sunday, 29 July 2012

Where we have been

This blog has been rather quiet recently as we have been off on a trip West.  The main destination was Lower Eyre Peninsula and all is contained in the pages of the Tick Magnet blog.

The main thrusts are birds, plants (including some nifty orchids) and old buildings.

A few days are yet to be finalised, and will be updated in the next day or so, but by and large it is done and dusted.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
In your plants of Eyre Peninsula #1, the " Unknown lurid plant" is some sort of Grevillea (almost certainly)
The "pollen presenter" and the cup-shaped bits with the anthers are certainly Proteaceae.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Denis. I will try toget it closer - we hadn't thought of Grevilleas!


Anonymous said...

Interesting to read your trip report. I am originally a crow-eater and have been to many of the places you did - was born and raised in Gawler (near the Barossa Valley), which you reported on. That town isn't as nice as it used to be when I was growing up - but maybe that's the cast of nostalgia. Or maybe not - a friend's son recently hanged himself under a bridge there, and I have to say it's a desolate place to die.
On a brighter note, I lived in one of those old sandstone houses with the cast iron accessories (I'm sure there's an architectural term to describe them) - deliciously cool in summer but appallingly freezing in winter. I'm impressed you braved the South Australian winter - you're braver than me. But then you live near Canberra :)

Flabmeister said...

Thanks for the comment Joy. The folk of Gawler seemed to be doing a good job of retaining their history. It seemed that the appalling sprawl of Adelaide is getting close to the Southern boundary of the town: that will probably complete the downwards slide!

When we lived in Adelaide I recall a day in 1982 when the temperature got below freezing for the first time ever. Some galoots went swimming in the sea as it did so.

However we found it pleasantly warm in the spots we visited this time. This may be because we had a sanguinary cold non-Summer and have been consistently getting -3 to -5 this Winter