Sunday, 8 July 2012

It ain't half hot Mum

This is nothing to do with a British TV series but more a reflection that on the Monaro at present it isn't even one-tenth hot.   Here are our (OK, Canberra Airport BoM) recent minimum temperatures: note especially the last week!
According to the Canberra Times 9 July was also cold at -4.9!  

This shot over the Hoskinstown Plain from our dog-exercise this morning (8 July) shows the mist rising at about 8:45, with the temperature around zero centigrade.
 When we got home I was very surprised to find our closest dam was iced over (except where the drips of water off the trees had kept it open).
 Here are some impressionistic shots of ice crystals on leaves and such like.  I'll have to do some more work to focus on transparent objects!

 Of course if you have a nice fur coat ...
 ... or a friend with feathers
 ... you don't notice the cold so much.

Nearby these buds on a Eucalyptus mannifera suggest that it will eventually get warm again!

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