Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Beautiful moonlight - and clouds

I had a memory that these phrase "Beautiful moonlight" was the opening to the lyrics of a Stephane Grapelli song, but had difficulty tracking it down.  Eventually I recalled the title of the song  (The Continental) and on checking the lyrics found it started with "Beautiful music".  Drat: you will have to be satisfied with images.

This first one is unusual because it was taken through our kitchen skylight, with the moon high overhead.  The image is also unusual in that on trying to repeat the shot I kept finding that ice had formed on the skylight in the intervening 5 minutes.  Get 'em while you can!
 The next night (ie 3 July) I noticed the full moon was rising through clouds.   Here are a couple of arty images.

On the subject of clouds the excellent UK magazine "Country Life" had an article about the taxonomy of clouds in their edition of 20 July.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to have put the article on their website so I have scanned in the key pages for your delectation.  Click to enlarge them.

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