Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sydney sculptures etc

Needing to pick up some friends arriving at Sydney airport and spare them the misanthropic attentions of the QANTAS International Transfers desk I drove up on 13 November.  This meant I was able - thanks to my friend Jill - to have a look at the Sculpture by the Sea event between Bondi and Tamarama. So here is some sculpture with the sea in the background.
Having mentioned Bondi, this image shows the famous beach.  (It is about 500m long, whereas the beach at Adelaide runs uninterupted for 20+km!)
Here are a couple more setting shots, showing the mob.  It seems there is relatively little publicity for the event, but it (deservedly) attracts huge numbers of punters.

Some more pictures of the works, with a few smart-alec observations.
 This stag was brilliant. 
The small black sign in the foreground says "do not touch the artwork".   A fair sentiment usually but a bit precious when it is set up as a lounge room, inviting people to sit on it!
 This was scattered up a hillside with many manifestations of the word "No".  I was particularly amused by the pair of red budgie smugglers in a cage.  That is where the boringly negative politician who is often photographed wearing them should be put.

 Are straw lions better than paper tigers?
 This palm-trunk-as garden wasn't strictly art of the exhibition but probably should have been!
 As we headed back to the apartment we passed by the Woolhara Festival.  I am not sure what role was foreseen for these angels!
The next morning as I left, this Jacaranda tree - one of thousands making Sydney a sea of purple at present - was enhancing the streetscape.
On the way back home we called in at Fitzroy Falls.

I was particularly taken with this Lambertia formosa, so will finish with a composite image of 2 views of a "prettie".

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