Monday, 28 November 2011

The natural order is Chaos?

At an early point in Chaos by James Glieck he mentions the chaotic effects of turbulence.  When I looked down into Whiskers Creek this morning I reflected how the foam pattern called to mind some of the images generated by chaos algorithms.  The foam is the residue of the very strong run off from the catchment of the Creek scoring at least 50mm of rain over the preceding 2 days.
This is emphasised by a close up of the pattern in the top centre of the pool.
Taking another stab at it I got an image of some flowers of Joycea pallida, against a clear blue sky.
Perhaps this is not exactly an example of a chaotic system at work but the way the stems, flower heads and awns all point off in different directions made me think along these lines.  Certainly trying to catch an image like this in gusty winds appeared to invlove the vernacular view of chaos!

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