Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kangaroos also do cute

I have posted, in the past, about the local frogmouths doing cute poses.  This afternoon Frances came up from the sun-room and acquired the camera to capture a mum and joey 'roo in a really nice pose.

I presume there is a nipple down there somewhere.  A little later they were both grazing on the weeds growing in the area (over the drainage line from the septic tank - I am pleased they like what we ate a few weeks ago) so the joey was just enjoying a slurp while he could.

Frances took this un-zoomed shot to show how close they were.  The nearest part of the lattice is no more than 2m from the window of the sun-room.  They were quite undisturbed by Frances playing the tin whistle or her (much louder) accordion.  While they didn't bopp to the whistle (as did an Australian King Parrot when we lived in Bruce) they suggested a fair degree of habituation to our activities.

(I will briefly revert to the frogmouths.  One of their popular roosts this year is a small eucalypt beside our cattle grid.  When I returned from an outing today the male was perched there, vigorously scratching his head with his talon.  This was about as un-cute as could be imagined.  But I didn't snap it.)

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