Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fungi from Sutton Road

These are some of the photos taken from the ANPS Wednesday Walk to Gail's place off Sutton Road on 4 August.
The star attraction was undoubtedly the Hairy Trumpets (Panus fasciatus) found lurking on a small fallen Branch.  They are a Fungimap target species, and in their publication 'Fungi Down Under ' they report only 49 records as against several hundred records for some other species.  So, very well done to spot them!

Next come the two commonest species.  The small orange inverted cones of Omphalina Chromea (the 'Yellow Navel') and the brown Laccaria (possibly) canaliculata.  While Laccaria grows everywhere, the species of Omphalina is nearly always in a damp spot, associated with green algae.
We also came across several clumps of coral fungus.  As it has blunt 'twigs' I will take a punt that it is a species of Ramaria but not try to guess the species.

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hunter said...

Hello Martin,

I have rarely been able to positively identify coral fungi either, BUT Clavaria (and allies) have a white spore print, while the Ramaria group have a yellow-brown spore print.

By taking spore prints, I've finally been able to differentiate between the two groups of similar looking coral fungi. At first, I was unsuccessful in obtaining a spore print, but then I began to leave the specimen for a couple of days for the spores to drop, rather than just overnight, and I was able to get sufficient to have the colour defined.