Saturday, 12 June 2010

What is wrong with Soccer

This is possibly my only post about this form of mass entertainment as we prepare to be submersed in the FIFA World Cup.

From my view there are two things wrong with soccer.
  1. People keep referring to it as 'football' when that term is actually a generic name for at least 7 sports (Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules, Gridiron; Canadian Football and Association football).  I can understand that many people have trouble with a long word such as "Association" which is probably why the shorter word 'soccer' was invented.  Any one who suggests that 'the beautiful game' is acceptable should check recent coverage of Mr Maradona: in response to his recent press statement Argentinian bookies were overwhelmed with bets (on Brazil to win).
  2. Boredom.  Check the scores in the first two matches. as shown in the image below Click on it to see the full horror.

Readers will  note that I don't include Germany beating Australia 4-0 as something wrong with soccer.  It is actually a good thing, for three reasons.
  1. It wasn't (apparently - I didn't get up at 4am to watch it) a boring match;
  2. It will put a significant damper on efforts to change this game to the dominant code in Australia! and
  3. I predicted the exact result!

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