Monday, 14 June 2010

Birds: Various and many!

I don't generally publish lists of birds since it is both boring to readers and, in itself, not helpful to anything!  However I hope that by categorising the following couple of observations I may tweak a bit of interest and add a bit of value!

My GBS site has just (on 13 June 2010) hosted a large number of birds of reasonable diversity.  As they were not travelling around together, but in single species groups in various bits of the garden I am not claiming a mixed flock but between 13:45 and 14:15 I recorded:

25 Red-browed Finch;2 Striated pardalotes
12 Silvereye;1 Speckled Warbler
10 Yellow-rumped thornbill1 Scarlet Robin
6 Superb Fairy-wren1 White-eared Honeyeater
3 Magpies1Grey Shrike-thrush
2  Buff-rumped thornbill;1 Golden Whistler
2 White-browed Scrubwren1 White-throated treecreeper
On 14 June 2010 I went for a bike ride around the core of the Hoskinstown Plain to see what was around on a brilliantly sunny but quite cool day. 

The diversity was quite reasonable with 30 species recorded on a loop of Briars-Sharrow Rd, Plains Rd, Hoskinstown Rd and the rest of Briars Sharrow.  However, to me, the more impressive thing was the biomass:
  • 166 Australian Magpie in one paddock (they must like what thoroughbreds leave behind!) plus 30 elsewhere;
  • a minimum of 250 Galahs (counted in 10s, about 400m off the road)
  • 42 Little Ravens in a single flock (plus 44 elsewhere in smaller groups)
  • 15 Red-rumped parrots (this species is surprisingly infrequently recorded for such a grass-ridden area);
  • 25 Crested pigeons
  • 50 Sulphur-crested cockatoos
  • 89 Australian Wood Ducks in one flock (plus 42 elsewhere);
  • 300 (a guess - they in a number of flocklets and were very mobile) Common Starlings feeding amongst grazing cattle.
In terms of diversity, the more interesting sightings were:
  • 2 Wedge-tailed eagles
  • 2 Skylark
  • 3 Australian Pipits 
  • 15 Double-barred Finches (in a mixed flock with 4 Red-browed finches and approximately 12 Yellow-rumped Thornbills)

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