Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Memories are made of ..

.. something a bit like this.

When the small dog joined us she was accompanied in the beast box (the plastic kennel she flew in - and has hated ever since) by a green cushion.  This is one of her favourite things to sleep on, especially if it is in the sunshine.

The green cushion has moved around a bit and Frances recently put it under my desk where the small dog gets the benefit of:
  • the sun streaming though a floor length window (when it isn't a bleak 5 degrees C  day like today); and
  • my 'umble self tapping away on my 'pooter.
Frances commented on how the small dog has enjoyed this.  Perhaps because I am thinking of matters Pom, in view of our impending descent on that realm, I flashed back to about 1969 when I was contemplating jobs in agriculture in that country.  I visited the local office of Strutt and Parker (the biggest and best Estate Managers in the the UK) and was most impressed that the guy who spoke to me had a huge wooden desk, with a large - perhaps approaching huge - Golden Labrador sleeping there-under.

It became a life ambition to have a job like that. Finally achieved it - see following image - although dog is neither huge nor Golden and has not been known ever to retrieve anything!

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