Thursday, 26 November 2009

The story of O (-ring) and flowers

The Bureau of Meteorology have been forecasting a lot of showers and storm recently.  In honour of this, and noticing that the pump ha been a bit grumpy recently, I decided to clean the filter on the line up to our tank.  When I reassembled the device and found that water was going most everywhere except up towards our new tank.  It emerged that the seal between the filter cover and rest of the assembly was more like a walrus - long in the tooth and a bit hairy.

So it was off to find a new O-ring.
  1. First stop was Bunnings (for those overseas this is more or less Australia's answer to Wal Mart).  They didn't have any and reckoned it would be difficult to find one without knowing the brand of pump.
  2. Second stop was Southern Plumbing, on the grounds that pumps are an essential bit of plumbing kit.  Yes they sold pumps but not O-rings.  However they were able to say that CBC (this is the Consolidated Bearing Company, not Columbia Broadcasting Company) in Fyshwick had every sort of O-ring known to mankind.
  3. this proved to be accurate advice - and it only cost $3!
All we need now is some rain for the pump to shuffle around!

The rain will also be good for our garden which has not enjoyed the several days well above 30 degrees with strong winds.   The irises have basically taken their batand ball and gone home.  However Frances grew some snapdragons this year and they are rather magnificent - right in front of our studies windows.

I'm hopeful that these will keep a nice burst of colour happening until our Asiatic lilies take up the running.  They in turn will be followed by Dahlias and then Chrysanthemums.

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