Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Der Erdebeereberg

Last year Frances found that our original strawberry patch was getting a bit 'runnery' so split it up into two additional patches.  The first of these did nothing last year while the second was too late to fruit last year. 

This year, 2009-10, the original patch continues to produce, albeit a bit slowly but the new patches have gone gang-busters.  The image is of one days picking in front and the residue from the previous day in the back.

The next day (ie today, 17 November) I picked even more.  We have made some ice cream with them, and Frances is heading off with a 2 litre container to an NGA Guides meeting!  I think it is going to be compulsory for our friends, acquaintances and passing strangers to help us solve this problem.

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