Saturday, 21 November 2009

Banding in Monga

A friend, Anthony, who is now a fully paid up bird bander has started a project in Monga National Park about 90km East of our place (by road - only about 55km in a straight line).  He has put the official stuff about his project in his blog.
Here are some photos of my visit to his site today.  Some really good birds and very pleasant company!

Although the site is in a National park and on a closed road the first requirement was to put up a notice explaining what was going on.  The second requirement was to ensure the track was barricaded to lowlife on tral bikes from trashing everything.

Here is a bird (an Olive Whistler) getting the business.  Needless to say as a licensed bander Anthony is primarily concerned with the welfare of th birs.  This is both at a macro-level - the aim of the project is to understand about bird behaviour and movements - and a micro-level - the safety and well being of the individual birds is paramount.  The pliers are to ensure accurate fitting of the bands, not to discipline the birds.  The birds show no concern for the welfare of the banders and pecked away with gay abandon. 

The full olive whistler!  It isn't hard to see why this group of birds are called 'thickheads".  (Unlike trail bike riders!)

One of my favourite birds: the Rufous Fantail.  For once the name is very accurate as shown here.

On the left we have a Lewin's Honeyeater and on the right a close up of its head with the diagnostic yellow patch.

There were also a few flowers, including this violet.

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