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Saturday, 7 November 2009

The 09 Pollywogmouths

I am expecting the young frogmouths to take to the wing any day now.  Thus it was really good this evening to find both youngsters (and dad) in highly photographable positions.  Click on the images and you should get a larger image.

This shows dad and the chick I have decided is a male, since it is a lot larger than the other chick.

... and here is the female chick.

A good thing about trying to photograph birds of a curious nature is that they will become interested in what you're up to and thus cooperate.  Here are the pair of chicks looking at the photographer.  Dad is cool about the process, not looking directly, but not into 'thin' full on camouflage pose.

...and just to keep the gender balance somewhat under control - always one of my driving imperatives - here is a picture of Mum chilling out in the twisted hazel next door!

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