Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Down on the farm

It has been a few days since I added anything so here are a few images taken recently.

The first is just included for the cuteness of the 'roos exploring the grass on our lawn.

The next two are part of Frances landscape art oeuvre. Some earlier commentary on this activity is in http://franmart.blogspot.com/2008/08/long-and-goldsworthy-eat-your-hearts.html. We are continuing to construct the mini-wall and decorate the three termite mounds. The latter is very interesting in that one of the mounds in particular is subject to the forces of nature, in the shape of Eastern Bearded Dragons using mound as a look-out point and thus knocking the quartz off! I am sure that Mr Long would have photographed this every day and published a book about it by now.

However, the magnum opus is a snake form visible from our house. It is intended to be visible from a supine position on our bed, from where the LH image was taken. The RH image was taken up close and personal (herpetal?). Possibly the tail still needs a bit of work.

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Denis Wilson said...

Your own Rainbow Serpent presumably.
Nice idea.