Friday, 5 June 2009

The Diet of Worms

I thought this title would be fun, because of the ambiguity between a meeting of various religious people in a small town in Germany and its actual topic. However shows that there are is more ambiguity than I had imagined.

On to the annelids!

This image shows the sight revealed when the light excluding cardboard is removed from my worm farm. I have no idea how many worms are in there now, but I suspect it is a large number, so things are going well. They are generating over a litre of liquid fertiliser per week and will soon have a second container of castings for use.

There are a few important rules for having happy worms (which are not often included in the farming instructions):
  1. Do not put onions or citrus in their food;
  2. Put the food that is given to them through a blender. Some folk say that microwaving also works well, but we have a nice blender so I am sticking with what I know;
  3. Cover the food, when added, with a thin layer of roughly crushed dry eucalyptus leaves.
The third point seems to be absolutely crucial. Since I remembered this I suspect the productivity has at least doubled.

1 comment:

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
never heard of the tip about Eucalypt leaves, (nor blending your worm food either).
Obvipously both strategies work, though.