The Diet of Worms

I thought this title would be fun, because of the ambiguity between a meeting of various religious people in a small town in Germany and its actual topic. However shows that there are is more ambiguity than I had imagined.

On to the annelids!

This image shows the sight revealed when the light excluding cardboard is removed from my worm farm. I have no idea how many worms are in there now, but I suspect it is a large number, so things are going well. They are generating over a litre of liquid fertiliser per week and will soon have a second container of castings for use.

There are a few important rules for having happy worms (which are not often included in the farming instructions):
  1. Do not put onions or citrus in their food;
  2. Put the food that is given to them through a blender. Some folk say that microwaving also works well, but we have a nice blender so I am sticking with what I know;
  3. Cover the food, when added, with a thin layer of roughly crushed dry eucalyptus leaves.
The third point seems to be absolutely crucial. Since I remembered this I suspect the productivity has at least doubled.


Denis Wilson said…
Hi Martin
never heard of the tip about Eucalypt leaves, (nor blending your worm food either).
Obvipously both strategies work, though.

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