Monday, 8 June 2009

Bonsai and indoor plants

We have a number of willows growing in Whiskers Creek as it goes through our property.

One of these was identified as a Crack Willow, which is the nastiest invasive species around the area. After a couple of attempts at poisoning it appered not to slow it down too much I decided that a dose of bonsai treatment (courtesy of the nice Husqvarna people) was merited. This resulted in my fire heap growing somewhat: watch this blog for the 2009 conflagration sometime soon.

Other willows are not so invasive, but do produce nice twigs when pruned. Again Sweden's finest assisted in this process. Frances was on hand to record the process. A trailer load of firewood was a side benefit.

Frances has also been busy in her potting shed, rearranging matters having acquired a couple of extra pallets courtesy of a visit to the tip. While taking this photo I couldn't help but snap a Fuschia (Rosetta?).


Denis Wilson said...

Nice action shot, Martin.
Good to have the photographer on hand - for moral support, and to check you are cutting the tree to fall away from yourself and her.
My views on willows accord with the need to cut that one.

Flabmeister said...

A friend with better mathematical skills than myself has also commented on the importance of "subtending the angle of decline of the tree". I.e. work out where the top of it will end up as well as the bottom. This is particularly important for the photographer's health!